NASRHP Assessors – Founding Organisations

Call for applications for appointment to the NASRHP Pool of Assessors:

NASRHP seeks expressions of interest from certified practitioners of NASRHP founding organisations to be appointed to the NASRHP Pool of Assessors.

NASRHP assessors play an important role in the assessment of NASRHP membership and appeal applications. Assessors work within a Membership Assessment Team or the Appeals and Complaints Panel to assess the applications and provide recommendations to the Board on the contents of the application.

NASRHP assessors will remain in the pool and available for selection for a three (3) year period with the option to extend.

For more information regarding NASRHP, the role and application process, please download the forms below.

Candidate Information Pack

NASRHP Pool of Assessors Terms of Reference and Selection Criteria 
NASRHP Membership Assessment Teams Teams of Reference
NASRHP Appeals and Complaints Panel Terms of Reference
NASRHP Declaration of Interest form

For enquiries, please email